How Solar Works

If you’ve ever wondered how solar systems work, you’ve come to the right place. This is a basic explanation of how solar works. Check out the video or read below.

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The Power of the Sun

When learning about Solar, it’s best to start with the Awesome Power of the Sun and It’s Rays

So how powerful is the Sun? Well it’s more powerful than the Power of Grayskull. But, it’s slightly less powerful than Girl Power. Either way, it’s rays are incredibly strong.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Sun’s rays are so powerful, that in one hour, they deliver enough energy to the Earth, to power us for a year!

That’s a massive amount of energy. So how does this free and abundant energy get used to power the earth?

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How we use the sun’s energy

Let’s take a look at us, here in the USA.. in fact let’s look at how we use the sun in Florida.

We happen to use the sun’s rays to get sweet tans. And unfortunately Sunburns. The energy from the sun also powers our weather. Trees Harvest the sun’s free and abundant energy to grow.

We can harvest the Sun too. We can do it when we make our homes, Solar Homes.

Solar Homes, can convert the energy from the sun’s rays into electricity we can use.
So let’s dig a little deeper and take a look at the science. But just the basic science, because we just need a basic understanding.

It all starts with the suns rays, which we see as light.
When the light from the sun hits the array of solar panels on the home, the electron’s in the panels get excited and start to move about.

Now these excited electrons flow in one direction. A flow of electrons is called an electric current or Electricity. To be specific it’s Direct Current or DC.

Now there is one problem, our homes don’t use Direct Current, they use Alternating Current or AC.

So solar homes also have what is called and Inverter. The inverter changes the DC into AC.

But forget all that science stuff. The bottom line is that the abundant free energy from the Sun, can be used to power our homes. And that is something to celebrate.

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